July 29th

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

I try my best to not use my phone to take images for this project. Honest truth: It’s hard!

Especially for days like today when I am traveling for a wedding and to haul my camera bag along seems unnecessary. And then I get there and realize that my phone can’t do this moment justice.

You can’t see that they sang every lyric of their first dance song to each other (Forever and Ever Amen, by Randy Travis). You can’t see that the dress Amy is wearing was her moms. You can’t see just how big they smiled at each other, and how gently Ryan touched Amy’s cheek. All of these things were happening when this image was taken. So sweet right?! I WAS ALMOST BAWLING. To see such a beautiful, sweet friend so incredibly happy and in love and then not have the proper equipment was frustrating.

How many of you thought that when you saw this picture? My guess would be none of you. That’s not a bad thing! But that is how photographers think – they see those little moments and strive to capture them and make them permanent.

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