July 31st

Monday, July 31st, 2017

Remember the turkey shenanigans this spring?

Well, for the past two weeks it’s been a repeat story except for with a hen pheasant and her chicks. Almost every day driving to the barn, there they are dashing into the tall grass off of the driveway as soon as my vehicle rounds the bend.

Pheasants aren’t overly large birds, so their chicks are as equally small – making them VERY cute, and very hard to see. In fact, this summer was the first time I had ever seen chicks. I had known they were around but had never laid eyes on them.

So today driving up to the farm, there she was out in the hay field. Her chicks were still hidden but the hay hasn’t grown enough after last cutting to hide her completely.

This was a super fun catch for me! Not only are pheasants petite, but they are FAST. Even if you get a peek at one, especially hens, before you can blink they’re under cover. Very slow, quiet movements made her feel “safe” enough to hang out for a few frames. Too fun!

July 30th

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

God chose a great morning to have me up bright and early.

After the wedding last night I stayed with some friends. This morning, they were catching a flight to D.C., so everyone was up early – including me. Out the door by 5am meant driving home with the sunrise.

And fog. Oh the fog.


The sun broke through the clouds just as I was pulling into my driveway, and I scrambled to grab my gear.

Once I finally made it to the barn our dog, Bandit, posed perfectly for me out in the pasture.


Completely unreal.

July 29th

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

I try my best to not use my phone to take images for this project. Honest truth: It’s hard!

Especially for days like today when I am traveling for a wedding and to haul my camera bag along seems unnecessary. And then I get there and realize that my phone can’t do this moment justice.

You can’t see that they sang every lyric of their first dance song to each other (Forever and Ever Amen, by Randy Travis). You can’t see that the dress Amy is wearing was her moms. You can’t see just how big they smiled at each other, and how gently Ryan touched Amy’s cheek. All of these things were happening when this image was taken. So sweet right?! I WAS ALMOST BAWLING. To see such a beautiful, sweet friend so incredibly happy and in love and then not have the proper equipment was frustrating.

How many of you thought that when you saw this picture? My guess would be none of you. That’s not a bad thing! But that is how photographers think – they see those little moments and strive to capture them and make them permanent.

July 28th

Friday, July 28th, 2017

Minnesota was made for snow shoeing and lake life.

At either end of the year, it’s hard to imagine the landscape in a different season. In the winter we can’t imagine how we could ever be outside in a swimming suit, while in the summer it’s impossible to think of donning a heavy coat, hat, and mittens.

Each season has its unique beauties and attractions, but time spent on the lake in the summertime is one of my favorites.

Last summer, the newest “toy” at the cabin was this Lily Pad. Made of dense foam, up to twelve people can hang out on it before it loses buoyancy. It takes relaxing on the lake to an entirely new level, which my sister, Emma, demonstrates well 😉

July 27th

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Textures have always been like eye candy for me.

I think that’s why I love clouds so much, and it makes sense as to why water would be up there on my list of favorites too. The reflections, light shimmers, and wave patterns constantly vary – like watching a fire.

July 23rd

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

When walking through our pumpkin patch, there are always tracks.

Most of the time it’s deer, sometimes it’s turkey, last year there was human tracks (see below), but today it was coyote.


Do you live in the Twin Cities metro area, specifically in the northwest suburbs? Make sure to come out to our pick-your-own pumpkin patch this fall! We’ll be open October 1st-31st during daylight hours, everything is self-serve. $5 any size – pumpkins available pre-picked or there will be hundreds in the field for you to pick your own!

We just ask that you please keep your shoes on.

July 22nd

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

I have a fairly large family on my dad’s side.

My dad has four brothers, which made for lots of cousins growing up. To top it off, all of the cousins were born at about the same intervals, so sections of us are all the same age (my cousin Clayton and I were born three days apart). It made for a great community growing up, and it often felt that we were siblings instead of cousins.

Each summer we’d all go camping together for two weeks at a campground my dad and uncles went camping at as kids. Campers’ Paradise, a campground on an island on Lake Belltaine in Nevis, MN is really heaven on earth. Large, private campsites, beautiful sandy beaches, great fishing. We loved it. Our parents loved it because the kids could hop on their bikes and ride the island and not worry about us getting hurt. It was like a large family. I looked forward to it every summer as it was lots of quality time with my cousins.

About five years ago, my parents bought a lake cabin. Once we had that, we stopped going camping. So instead we try and have a lake day with everyone at the cabin. Today was that day. What made it even more special? My grandma was there! My dads mom lives in Florida full time now that my grandpa is in a memory care facility there, so for her to make the trip here to spend it with us was so special.

Family is so so special, and I’m so blessed to have a great one.

July 20th

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

We had some major epic fog this morning.

The humid weather can be swampy but when the air is heavy and the temperature drops, the fog is incredible. I was glad I was awake to see it this morning!

I was out the door before six this morning to be on location for a Farnam commercial shoot. The small private barn we were at boasted many hills and swells. So the fog just laid in the low areas all morning until the sun burned it off – it was magical. This was our view at sunrise.

I’ll take the humid weather for a view like that!