March 28th

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Let’s all take a moment and gush over those sweet squishy cheeks!

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I don’t normally photograph people (unless your name is Paul).

But take one look at this face and you know why I just had to.

My experience with newborns is very limited, however, I do know that they like to be warm, have a full tummy, be held, and sleep — so pictures are usually quite a production. A photographer that I interned for in college would always book three hour newborn sessions; she’d hope to photograph the babe for about an hour spread out between diaper changes, feedings, and quick naps (if you were hoping to get any with eyes open).

So math dictates that 1/3 of the booked time was actually spent taking pictures. The other 2/3’s was spent catering to baby’s needs and ensuring baby’s comfort. Not to mention posing them, and then giving them time to settle into that pose and relax and quiet down.

With all that being said, Ben must be made for the camera. The perfect amount of alert and awake, while still content and relaxed, he happily let me photograph him for an hour without breaks.

To say he was a rockstar is an under exaggeration.

An extremely cute rockstar.

Here are a few more from today, but not many because mom and dad still haven’t seen these, so we have to leave some for a surprise later. 🙂


February 22nd

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Kya and I were up at the wee hours of the morning today, and left for a warmer climate…

Houston, Texas for Girls Weekend 2019!

If you follow my blog, you’ve “met” Kya, and know that we’ve been best friends since we were eight and we were each other’s Maid of Honor.

Well last summer as I was planning Kya’s bachelorette party, I was introduced (via email as they lived in Houston) to Theresa and Emily, the other two ladies in Kya’s bridal party. We officially met face to face in July, come Kya’s actual bachelorette party.

We all hit it off, and by the end of bachelorette party weekend I found myself even more excited for the wedding knowing we’d all be spending time together again.

So sure enough, come wedding weekend (late September) we all had a complete blast, and we vowed we’d try to all get together again soon.

Late December Kya texted asking about a girls trip to Houston, and the planning began!

We laid pretty low today, but that won’t last long. Sounds like Theresa has a lot planned for us this weekend!

Picture of the hallway leading to Jonathon and Theresa’s study because their house has pretty light.

February 9th

Saturday, February 9th, 2019

Work in progress.

Our good friends, Cody and Dana, bought a house in December! The basement isn’t finished, but won’t be that way for long.

It’s amazing how much they’ve done in the short time they’ve been in the house. Here Paul and Cody are working to get some HVAC installed.

It looks great so far, and can’t wait to see their hard work pay off!

February 3rd

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

A group of us got together to watch the game, and it’s always a good time. While the game wasn’t all that captivating (although I admit it didn’t help that none of us cared who won), we enjoyed the commercials. Especially the NFL’s commercial!

Brooklyn also kept us all entertained and provided many deep belly laughs. All the way up until jammies were donned and Uncle Paul’s hug provided the perfect snuggle spot.

January 22nd

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Have you ever played hide and seek with a cat?

If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

KB is the queen of hide and seek, and we played it a lot this morning.

Stephanie and I are tag-teaming kitty sitting this week while Tanner and Christine are in Cancun (lucky ducks), and this morning I packed a bag to hang out over there to get some work done (kitty sitting perk: Wifi!). I intended on hanging out for a few hours, and once I had settled in and essentially ignored her for a bit, her interest was peaked – she decided I wasn’t so bad, even if I wasn’t mom or dad. Giving her her food this morning definitely helped my case. 😉

Then it was like a light switch – she brought me toys, stood on my laptop because I wasn’t giving her enough attention, snuggled, and baited me into those many games of hide and seek.

She won most of the time. I’d have a bead on her and be ready for the victory, and then I’d pounce and she’d be gone – she would already be behind me. I shouldn’t be surprised because she is a cat, but she got me every time.

January 17th

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

She just makes me smile.

It’s always an awesome thing when our schedules line up, and we can spend time with friends. Cody, Dana, and Brooklyn were all home today, so we went over to spend the day with them.

If you follow my blog, you know that I got a KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas. At the time it was purchased, there was also a rebate program going on where you could get a free attachment, and with our mixer our options were either a spiralizer or ice cream maker. We already have a good Pampered Chef Peeler/Corer/Slicer, so we opted for the ice cream maker. Well, it finally came in the mail yesterday, so we brought it along today so we could play with it and make an afternoon treat.

We made homemade chocolate ice cream batter (pictured), and Brooklyn helped with every step.

Her face in this picture pretty much sums up how excited we all were to give this thing a try. 🙂

And folks, it was SO GOOD.

It’s definitely a process, but it was worth it!

January 12th

Saturday, January 12th, 2019

About three months ago, Kya and Tim told us to block off January 12th for a double date night.

We figured it must have been important for them to give us such a heads up – turns out we were right! Saturday night Wild game anyone?!

Tim grew up in Michigan, so he’s a loyal Michigan sports fan by nature; in contrast, Kya grew up here in Minnesota, so whenever there’s a MN vs MI sports showdown, it’s always a house divided. So naturally, the game we went to tonight was Detroit Red Wings verses our Minnesota Wild.

The positive thing about a house divided is that someone always goes home happy.

Tonight, Tim was the happy one.

It was still a blast though! It’s not often Paul and I make it down into the cities for a sporting event, so it’s a treat when we do. Especially when it’s with such great friends.

December 16th

Sunday, December 16th, 2018

Have you ever been to a “Car Condo”?

I hadn’t before today – it was quite the experience!

Our friends Tanner and Christine both graduated from college this fall, and they hosted a graduation party at Christine’s family’s car condo.

For those you familiar with municipal airports, imagine a hangar crossed with a townhome. The point of them is about the same; a community of like-minded people that own space to keep their cars. However, while hangar exteriors are usually similar to pole-barn exteriors with a giant folding garage door on the front (a little unassuming, at least to me), this complex reminded me of a townhome neighborhood. Similar “streets,” vertical building fronts with many windows, weather vanes atop building peaks, and extra tall garage doors.

And can you talk about streamlined and super clean (spotless, even) on the inside? Paul was in heaven.

The picture above is a great depiction of the first floor; exposed ceiling for a great industrial-feel, polished grey floors and cream walls. Above this car is a loft with a full kitchen, large “L” shaped couch, and gathering area which overlooks the main garage area.

There were four cars in the condo today, but sounds like Randy, Christine’s dad, has another at home that he’s not finished with yet.

Let me test my memory – there was this Impala (which was Randy’s in high school!), a Hell Cat, Corvette, and Camero…How did I do, Christine? 🙂

I’m not much of a car girl, but it was so fun listening to Randy talk with such passion about his cars – it made it that much more special.

Definitely a neat place!

December 12th

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Selfies aren’t normally my thing.

Actually, I should be a little more specific. Selfies aren’t normally my thing *UNLESS* there is either an animal involved or Paul is in the picture with me.

Tonight was a little different though.

I’ve felt like this fall has been crazy busy, which is good because my business was booming, so busy is a great thing, but it left my personal life a little on the wayside. I had to say no to a lot of things I would’ve loved to say yes to; which is life and sometimes there are those waves.

However over the last week I’ve been able to connect and catch up with so many good people and I feel so recharged.

I was over at Shelley’s this afternoon helping her with some shipping, and she surprised me with this beautiful cowl that had me smiling all afternoon.

So here’s your smiley, cowl-wearing, straight hair sporting, CRW today. Hey!

November 7th

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

The bonus of babysitting in the morning?

Having a pajama party! (AKA Not getting out of your PJ’s until lunchtime 😉 )

My mom had saved all of our things from when me and my sisters were kids, and she was willing to start pulling some of that out for when Brooklyn comes to visit. Puzzles, a little kitchen, shopping cart, a cozy coup, a scooter, dollhouse, etc etc. It just kept coming!

It was safe to say we had plenty to play with this morning, and it was great.

I think Paul and Brooklyn worked on puzzles for over an hour together.