July 14th

Friday, July 14th, 2017

New stages of life are fascinating.

Britt and I were roommates in college. From dorms to apartments, from getting lost on campus to graduation. To new jobs, to marriage, to houses. And now babies. Plural.

Paul and I were ahead of most of our friends on the marriage and wedding front. Having been together for 8 years before we got married, a wedding was the natural progression after college graduation, and was the next step for us.

It felt like we attended weddings every other weekend for months and multiple seasons. Then that slowly died down. Now it’s babies. As you all know, Paul and I do not have any kids and do not plan on having any for a few years. So for me, to be “behind” in this portion of life is magical. To watch dear friends navigate pregnancy and new babies is so powerful and wonderful.

So when I went to visit Britt this weekend, I couldn’t wait to see her as a mama. We live over 300 miles away from one another, so I hadn’t  seen her since she became pregnant.

Her and her husband, Matt’s, pregnancy story is a unique one. They found out on Christmas Eve that they were pregnant, which is magical in its own, and went 20 weeks believing they only had one baby. The sonogram showed one fetus, there was only one heartbeat. At that 20 week appointment, they heard two heartbeats during the ultrasound. Matt made the comment “I hear two heartbeats.” The ultrasound tech lightheartedly said, “That’s  what happens when there’s two babies in there!”


Britt comes from a family full of twins, so the news wasn’t completely unfounded, but the surprise was there all the same. One sweet little boy, and one sweet baby girl. I can’t wait to meet them! ❤️

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