December 23rd

Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

Whew baby we’re into the full blown Christmas swing around here. How about you?

Last minute gift wrapping (dang – I ran out of tape!), meal prep (which means hectic grocery store runs), and scheduling minute by minute where we’ll be, who is coming over (read: Is my house clean?!).

But amidst the holiday crazies, Paul and I took some time this afternoon to bring our “kittens” into our home. They’re too sweet for Henna – she treats them like one of her stuffed animal toys – so the boys are claiming sanctuary at our house.

We aren’t sure if this will be a permanent arrangement or not. Introducing them to Burke is going to be our real determining factor. If everyone can’t get along (prey-predator responses), the cats will be going back to the barn. It may not be until spring when the weather changes again (and Henna hopefully matures a bit), but we’ll see where it goes.

For now, it’s taken a total of 29 minutes for them to decide that being inside is a really fun thing. 😉

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