March 18th

Monday, March 18th, 2019

If you know me, you know I’m not a coordinated individual.

Graceful I am not.

I can push around 1,000 pound animals without much fuss, but fine motor skills, hand eye coordination…not so much.

I trip over things that aren’t there. Especially when I’m flustered.

So roping horseback has never been a feasible goal for me. I have never even been able to master throwing a rope from the ground with a stationary dummy.

Until today!

Paul walked me through some tips and tricks, critiqued my form, offered suggestions. After slowing down my throw, and focusing on hand placement and release, I actually began to catch the dummy!

It’s still not pretty, but progress was made today. Dare I say it – I actually had fun!

March 4th

Monday, March 4th, 2019

I was walking around my house this afternoon looking for something to photograph, desperate for something with color, and I spotted my bouquet.

My wedding bouquet.

I took a moment to look it over, admire it. Then it hit me that at this time five years ago, these beauties were delivered to our front door. FIVE YEARS! And look at how amazing they look! Still exactly like when we first pulled them out of the box.


To this day, behind hiring Shelley to photograph our wedding, these flowers were one of our best choices when it came to wedding planning. I had heard of dried flower bouquets, and since we were getting married in our barn, that fit perfectly with our aesthetic. It was only the icing on the cake that when I looked up purchasing them that they were incredibly affordable (my bouquet was only $35, the bridesmaid bouquets only $20 each, and boutonnieres only $10 each!).

However, five years later, I’d say the most impressive thing is how long they’ve lasted. The colors have dulled a bit since our wedding day, but it has been a decoration in our home ever since that day, and I love that.

February 5th

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

I attempted to photograph a self portrait with Colt today and it was just short of a disaster, so here’s one of just him instead.

Colt is a pretty laid back cat. Not much scares him, and if something does he’s quick to forgive and relax again. He’s got about one of the sweetest faces, and in real life he rarely looks alarmed.

…..except for when he’s in front of the camera and then he proceeds to put on his freak face. So add me in the mix and it looks like my presence is pure torture for him. He even looks somewhat terrified in this picture and I’m not anywhere near him.

It’s one of those weird things. Oh well, it adds to Colt’s hilarity 🙂

January 26th

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

I never said I was a food photographer, so  stick with me and my subpar iPhone dinner photo.

Paul and I were really proud of this dinner though, even if my picture doesn’t do it justice.

It’s always fun to cook together, especially something new. Tonight was Jalepeno popper sliders with homemade buns! The buns felt like a double win because I had never made these buns before, and I used the dough hook on my stand mixer for the first time with this recipe.

The best part? Leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

January 19th

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

I said I’d knock off the phone images, but this is how today ended up – whoops!

Paul and I tore apart our office today –  reorganizing, cleaning, shredding old documents. We had a dinner date planned with my cousin Clayton and his wife Amy, and before we knew it we were rushing trying to get ourselves out together and out the door.

As I was drying my hair and getting my makeup applied, the sun was setting outside and was lighting up our bathroom curtains. The soft evening light relaxed me in the midst of my hurry.

I took a moment to enjoy the light, and I glanced at the frames on the shelf over our tub. A wedding gift from Paul’s sister, Abbey, each is a respective word map using a list of words Paul and I had given her to describe one another. We have it on display because disagreements and hurt feelings are inevitable in any relationship.

On some of our hardest days, it’s been a wonderful reminder to the two of us why we love each other, what we admire in one another. A positive reminder of who we each are at our core. So regardless of any other feelings we may be harboring against the other, those words are ones of truth and perspective.

I can’t speak for Paul, but I know it softens me when I need it most. Not only is it great for me to study Paul’s map but to study mine as well. Reading the words Paul said about me is sometimes balm to hurt feelings all on their own.

Sometimes I simply stand in our bathroom and look at them with a heart full of thanksgiving. I’m proud of the marriage we’ve built, and thankful for the love we share. There’s nothing like knowing you are exactly where you belong.

I had actually been looking at them earlier last week and I mentioned to Paul that we should do them again, now that we’re coming up on our five year anniversary. So maybe we’ll take them down for a couple months so we can create fresh lists and then see which words overlap, and which are new.

Also – if you’re reading this and want to do this, reach out to me! I’d be happy to facilitate lists for your and your spouse and create word maps for you!

January 15th

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Paul is home all of this week, and it is such a blessing.

Our next paycheck may be a little lean, but quality time spent together more than makes up for dollars.

We’ve been able to make a list of things we’ve been putting off and that we’d like to accomplish, and it’s felt good to cross things off. On top of all of the organizing and cleaning we’ve knocked out, Paul built another commissioned coffee table over the weekend that we were able to deliver this morning. After seeing his two coffee tables, it sounded like a neighboring office was interested in a bookshelf – onto his next commissioned project!

I’m so darn proud of him.

And not only do I think he’s pretty great, the chickens do too. He was essentially swarmed coming out this afternoon – they’ve got to check out everything he has to make sure he’s not hiding treats. 🙂