June 26th

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Its the kittens one week adopt-iversary!

These sweet babies were very shy and slept the majority of the first day they were here, but today they are confident, curious little souls. Oh, and they’re both girls – not males like we had first thought.

They’ve been doing so well that we explored outside of the stall today! The door was opened and they explored the barn a bit.

It was no surprise to us that Ivy (formerly known as Colt), was the first one out the door (pictured). She is fearless. The dog doesn’t phase her, she will climb up your ENTIRE leg to get attention, no matter the risk to life and limb.

Finn (we were too lazy to change her name) is much more methodical. She’ll pounce strategically, doing a lot of observing surroundings before executing anything. After checking everything out, she slowly came out after Ivy.

Just for fun, here are some more pictures of their field trip.

Top: Finn (left) and Ivy (right) play together. Middle: Ivy (front) and Finn look outside. Bottom: Finn (left) and Ivy play with a toy.



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