October 2nd

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

This is your follow-up post from Sunday.

According to the price of Honeycrisp Apples at the grocery store, Paul and I have over $50 worth of apples in our kitchen right now. We filled this entire basket, plus the overflow scattered across our counters.

So Stephanie and I got to work this evening.

We had an assembly line going; she cored, peeled, and sliced the apples as I simmered the sauce on the stove. We packed 6 quart sized jars with 8 pounds of apples, poured in the sauce, and water bath canned. Voila! Canned apple pie filling.

We still had more apples, so we kept peeling and coring. Another batch went into the Instant Pot for applesauce. Toss in some extra water, cinnamon, ghee, and honey, set on “Manual” for three minutes, and Voila! Four pint-sized jars of homemade applesauce.

Still more leftover apples, but after 3 hours of work, we were pooped. We’ll work on more another day.

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