November 25th

Sunday, November 25th, 2018

I am going to bed feeling like I’m on fire – in a very good way.

You all came out in force to Melissa’s today, and blew me away! After seeing my event post, I had a line of people waiting to get into my booth today, wanting to be first in line to be sure they got what they wanted. Thirty minutes in, I had to tell someone that I had already sold out of the specific pillow they were looking for. I felt like I was in the middle of a hurricane for the first 45 minutes because I was answering questions, bagging purchases, digging out replacement inventory for that which was sold, and laughing – a lot.

Talk about being embraced by the community – you all knocked it out of the park.

You all had me so busy that the only image I took today was of the sunset after I got home, as I unpacked my car.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you.

June 11th

Monday, June 11th, 2018

I had a really cool thing happen today.

Want to hear about it?

Well, even if you don’t, you’re going to anyway 😉 It’s kind of a long story, but it’s worth it.

Right before we left for Hawaii, my car’s moonroof stopped working – while it was open. This whole dilemma wouldn’t have been an issue if it had stopped working while it was closed, but that’s a vent for another day. Anyway, it was just one more thing to deal with right before leaving, but the research we did said that replacing a moonroof motor is an easy fix – simply order a new one, pull down your vehicle’s headliner, unplug current motor, plug in new one, replace headliner.

Well, so we ordered a new motor. It came, didn’t fit right, so we sent it back. We ran out of time, went to Hawaii.

Came home, plugged in the old motor just for kicks, and it worked! But not enough to get my moonroof to completely seal. Womp womp.

So at this point, we’re on day 15 of my car not being fixed. We finally cave in and call our mechanic, and he says they don’t do moonroofs or specialty things, only motor work. They recommended we contact a body shop.

All I saw at that point were dollar signs.

But we had no choice, so we did some research on local places, and found St. Michael Auto Body. They were the closest to us, and had excellent reviews – lots of kind, great things to say about the owner. So Paul called, and just like the reviews said, the owner was really nice. He gave Paul a few options on what we could do to try and get it closed so we wouldn’t have to bring it in.

We tried those things, it helped a little, but we still couldn’t get it to seal. We call Mike back, and we get on the schedule to bring in my car for them to look at.

This was all last week. So today, on day 21 of my car not being fixed, I brought my car in for them to look at. When I checked in with Mike, he asked what my goal was with this whole situation. I told him that all I needed was for the moonroof to seal closed; I don’t need for it to work, just to be functional for me to drive in the rain. I only wanted to replace it if that was our only option. He says great, takes my keys, we part ways.

After only a couple hours, Mike calls and says he was able to get it closed! I’m super relieved, obviously, as we didn’t want to have to pay for a whole new one (talk about being between a rock and a hard place), but then he says something completely unexpected: “…and because it only took a limited amount of my time, I’m not going to bill you anything for this.”

Wait, what? I was totally floored. This man took his time, talked through options with Paul on the phone multiple times, fit us in last minute, and ultimately fixed my problem (that we’ve been dealing with for three weeks), and he didn’t even want to charge me a penny. For him, I’m sure it didn’t mean much, but the gesture was an incredibly kind one, and one we absolutely weren’t expecting. After dealing with this problem for weeks, and having it end with someone offering a solution like that, I was really moved by his generosity.

So Paul and I agreed that we would at least run to Dunn Brothers and get a giftcard for him as a way of saying thank you. Standing at the counter at Dunn Brothers, I thought how fun it would be to get a giftcard with enough on it to pay for coffee for the whole shop, so that’s what I did. It seemed the least we could do in response to his incredibly kind gesture.

I pull in to pick up my car, and as Mike hands me my keys, I hand him a thank you note with the giftcard tucked inside. I head home, relieved to finally have this issue resolved.

You may think that this is where the story ends, but oooooh nooo friends, it is not.

An hour and a half later, my phone begins to ring. It’s St Michael Auto Body. If I’m being honest, I let it go to voicemail because I knew he was calling about the card.

You guys, this man left me the sweetest voicemail.

At one point, he suggested that it was too much and that we could come back and pick it up because he felt guilty using it, as he felt he didn’t do enough work to warrant it. But if we really wanted them to have it, how much they all deeply appreciate it, and will enjoy using it.

I don’t know how to really wrap up this post today, but by saying that the generous actions of one person today made my day. What may have seemed like a small, insignificant decision to him, completely rocked my world.

If you need auto body repair work done, go to St Michael Auto Body.


March 17th

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! My day ended pretty miraculously with a pot of gold (sky) at the end of the rainbow. But more on that in a minute.

The weather was just miraculous today – 50 degrees, light wind, full sun. I was outside in just a sweatshirt today, and I didn’t realize how much my soul needed that. I was a rebel and even turned off the furnace and opened the windows this afternoon. The fresh air in the house was heavenly.

I planted the seeds for my garden today – just another sign of spring. Snap Dragons, Alyssum, peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, just to name a few. They’re obviously being started inside, but watching them germinate and grow is such a delight for me.

I was so wrapped up in the beauty of the day that I hadn’t taken any pictures. So, it was a pleasant surprise when the swans started moving around tonight on my way back from the barn.

It started with a couple…and then they were everywhere.

The geese are starting to come back, and have been encroaching on the swan’s feeding grounds. So I guess tonight was the last straw, and the geese weren’t welcome anymore. Everyone was worked up – honking, trumpeting. It was like a tornado of large birds – and it was AWESOME.


These are just a couple of my favorites. The sky just kept changing, and they all kept flying.

Once things had finally started to calm down a little, then I hear the distinct call of a Sandhill Crane. They’ve been around (six were in the field today), but this guy has been flying around alone all week. I don’t know if he lost his mate, or if he’s a juvenile just kicked out of the nest, looking for a mate, but boy is he loud.

Either way, it was so peaceful the way he flew over the trees. They aren’t overly graceful birds, however in the air they look so gentle and steady. I think this is because they have a very large wingspan, meaning they don’t flap their wings often in flight. If you don’t hear them coming (again, they’re loud – they sound like dinosaurs), they’re easy to spot in the sky.


January 11th

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Most days when it snows, you expect to not see a sunset.

Today was a beautiful exception.

We woke up this morning, and one of the first things Paul said to me was that he wanted to go to the doctor. He had finally reached his quota of misery.

So luckily, our doctor’s office had an appointment available this morning, so off we went. With a diagnosis of severe sinus congestion and an ear infection, we left the office and stopped to pick up his prescription. Turning back into the icy roads, we went home to lay low for the rest of the day.

I was starting to make supper when the sun broke through the clouds and came streaming through the kitchen window.

The sunshine was such a wonderful surprise. But then it got even better – a shaft of light came straight up from the sun.

As if the sun was thanking the Lord for this day.

And I joined in.

December 19th

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Today started with me photographing the clouds during sunrise, and ended the same way.

I rolled over in bed this morning to a sky full of beautiful pink popcorn clouds, and I rushed for my camera.

Then as I’m sitting at my desk working this evening, I glanced out my window and saw a sky full of orange. With the warm weather we’ve had the past couple of days, the top layers of snow has melted and created an icy glaze over everything, which reflected even more of the sky’s majesty.

December 18th

Monday, December 18th, 2017

Today was one of those days that flew by.

Paul and I got our indoor arena up and running today (so thankful for the above-freezing temps!), and that feels SO good.

Although the temperature was around 40 all day, the sun didn’t come out. Overcast skies are killer for me, especially when the sun goes down at four.

Paul and I were standing in the kitchen, and I realized I hadn’t done an image for the day. Frustrated because I had lost all of my light, I was brainstorming what I could do. Then the sun slid between the lowest layer of clouds and the horizon – for 30 seconds this beautiful, gentle, vibrant yellow/red light streamed through our kitchen window and lit up Paul’s face.

I was so glad my camera was already in hand, as I only managed to snap 5 images before it was gone again.

God for the assist on that one!

November 25th

Saturday, November 25th, 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve slowed down to appreciate.

You guys have been keeping me crazy busy with holiday orders and ongoing sales (which is AWESOME!), and with the new pup, I feel like there’s a new baby in the house. I’ve been scheduling my time around Henna’s nap time.

It’s easy to be a person of quick glances, too busy to see the love notes that God stashes in the quiet places.

Tonight He got my attention.

I didn’t think to photograph the sunset until it was almost gone, but that’s alright because I was too in awe to think to pick up my camera. The best part? I got to enjoy it with Paul.

All of life’s blessings all brought into focus through a few minutes of spectacular color and majesty.

What are you thankful for today?

October 15th

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

When good friends hurt, you hurt with them.

Sometimes, I think that’s the hardest duty of being a friend. I’m not a word smith by any means, so to find the right words or to know when to say none at all is my biggest hurdle. So you try to be present in a time of abrupt change and hurt, all the while feeling at a loss for how to help, but hoping that being yourself is enough. To understand the “should have, would have, could have,” but knowing that they won’t change anything. When you wish you could take the hurt away, knowing you can’t.

I’m sure this is what having kids is like, but with me not having any, I see it in the reflection of friends.

Sometimes, when a day is full of emotional turmoil, the sunset is what you need to begin to feel at peace. I’ve found that this project brings me just that – peace. It always brings me back to center; a reminder that God is in control. I explore His creation each day. I see the light He’s created, the animals, the grass, the trees. I watch things grow under His hand, watch the seasons change.

He is in control. His plan is for good.

The sunset today was my reminder.

The one minute of bright, red, vibrant light that crept out from under the cloud cover before it was hidden by the Earth.

A vibrant example that He sees us in all circumstances, in all of the hidden places.

May 31st

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

Year three has come and gone!

We laughed today, as the weather today was about the complete opposite of our wedding day three years ago. When I said I wanted a May wedding, I was told that May was a fickle month; well, stormy skies and four inches of rain that day was traded for a completely clear sky today. Whoever told me that was 100% accurate!

Weather aside, I had been thinking all week about what image I wanted to do today. I knew I wanted it to be a picture of Paul and me, but don’t have a manual shutter release. And trying to focus  the camera and then setting a delayed shutter to run in front of it wasn’t appealing. It actually sounded more frustrating than anything.

So then I got to thinking about silhouettes. Shelley does them all the time for clients, and we have a big hill in our backyard so that part was easy. The more I thought about it, I realized that it would also be so much easier to focus. I at least wanted to try. Paul was up for indulging me (have I told you how much I love him?), so we grabbed the tripod and gave it a whirl.

The running back and forth (and up and down hills) to the camera still happened, but it was worth it!