January 4th

Friday, January 4th, 2019

We haven’t told anyone our plans but – surprise! We’re back in Oahu!

This trip wasn’t planned, definitely spur of the moment, but we are happy happy happy to be here!

My sister, Emma, is a graduate student at NDSU pursuing a doctorate in psychology. As part of her research, she submits projects to conferences all over the world and presents at them. Last summer she attended a conference in  Bath, United Kingdom, and this weekend she’s presenting here in Honolulu.

Emma had made a comment about us coming with her a couple of weeks ago, and we initially laughed it off, but as the day got closer and loads looked good to go, we decided why the heck not.

So here we are, back again after only seven months. The weather is even better than the last time we came (80’s and sunshine all weekend long!), and since we’re staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village right on the beach, our plan is to lie low and relax in the sunshine on said beach.

Not bad for an impromptu vacation!

December 22nd

Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

Sista sista is home from grad school!

The girls were just about as excited as I am, haha! Emma pulled up, and all of the girls (except Judy, go figure – she’s hanging out in the back on her own) came RUNNING to her. If you’ve been to our house, the girls were all the way over by our flag pole, and booked it around the back of her car to come say hi.

Those little drummies were working.

Emma hadn’t met our chickens yet, so their enthusiasm was unexpected, and in usual Emma fashion, as she slowly backed away from them: “this is how horror movies start!!” I was nearly crying I was laughing so hard!

So, if you come to our house, and the chickens are out, know that they WILL come say hi. I promise it’s out of friendliness, not aggression. Although Penny has no boundaries, and she’ll walk right up to you and outright chest bump your legs if you don’t stop to say hi to her. Our sweet Ruby will coo at you, and our flock boss Carol will squawk to announce your arrival (she’s almost better than a dog in that regard – I always know now when someone pulls up). Carol keeps the UPS guy on his toes, he’s stopped by a lot over the last week and he keeps his distance from her – hahaha.

These chickens really are the best.