December 26th

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

There’s been a large box under the tree with my name on it since before Thanksgiving.

I’ve known what it is, and the suspense has been building (and killing me) for the last month.

In fact, I’ve been holding off on making Christmas Cookies because I knew this wonderful gadget would make it that much more fun. So when I finally opened it yesterday morning, I knew I’d have a special date with it at home today.

It is big, shiny, powerful, and beautiful.

Ladies and gentlemen: A KitchenAid Stand Mixer. After taking a picture of myself in the pretty shiny mixing bowl, I made a small batch of chocolate chip cookies this evening, and they were perfect.

We can also purchase additional attachments like a corer/peeler/slicer, which we may look into because of the amount of apples we froze from our neighbor’s trees this fall.

This pretty thing may have become my new best friend.

January 15th

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Reflection seems to be the theme of today.

Paul seems to finally have kicked the most of his sinus infection – or at least he was feeling stir-crazy enough to need to go outside and shovel our driveway. Back and forth, back and forth he went. I was watching him through the tall window next to our front door, when Finn came and watched Paul with me. His eyes latched onto Paul, and he sat and watched him diligently, his sweet little face reflected back at him in the glass. Looking at him from above made it look like he was gazing into his own eyes, nose to nose in the glass, and I loved the effect so I went for my camera.

And of course in true fashion, he refused to cooperate once the camera came out. He only wanted to look at me and “chin” (mark) everything, so that’s what I got. But his sweet face was in pretty window light, and you can still see some of the reflection, so it was a “done is better than perfect” scenario.

The other reflection that’s been swirling around in my head today is faith-based.

For all of you Minnesota fans, I’m sure you can relate to this: The last ten seconds of last night’s playoff game will be ten seconds I know I will never forget. But even more powerful for me was the interviews after the game. Do you all know what both Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs said?

They gave all the glory to God. On National television.

Specifically, without any hesitation Case Keenum looked into the camera and said it was the third best day of his life. The first being the day he gave his life to Jesus Christ, and the second being the day he married his wife.

What a testament. It stopped me in my tracks, and have felt so…so…



and quite simply, Proud.

Proud of my faith, proud of my state.

September 11th

Monday, September 11th, 2017

I’m going to be honest today.

Its the first day that I got to the end of the day (like climbing into bed) and realized I never took a picture.

Luckily, when I looked at my camera just to make sure, I had one image from today. A completely random image of the reflection of the sunrise in our window.


This image wasn’t taken with a lot of intention (obviously, since I forgot I even took it), but it will do the job.