March 28th

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Let’s all take a moment and gush over those sweet squishy cheeks!

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I don’t normally photograph people (unless your name is Paul).

But take one look at this face and you know why I just had to.

My experience with newborns is very limited, however, I do know that they like to be warm, have a full tummy, be held, and sleep — so pictures are usually quite a production. A photographer that I interned for in college would always book three hour newborn sessions; she’d hope to photograph the babe for about an hour spread out between diaper changes, feedings, and quick naps (if you were hoping to get any with eyes open).

So math dictates that 1/3 of the booked time was actually spent taking pictures. The other 2/3’s was spent catering to baby’s needs and ensuring baby’s comfort. Not to mention posing them, and then giving them time to settle into that pose and relax and quiet down.

With all that being said, Ben must be made for the camera. The perfect amount of alert and awake, while still content and relaxed, he happily let me photograph him for an hour without breaks.

To say he was a rockstar is an under exaggeration.

An extremely cute rockstar.

Here are a few more from today, but not many because mom and dad still haven’t seen these, so we have to leave some for a surprise later. 🙂


November 9th

Friday, November 9th, 2018

It’s one of my favorite days of the year – Friendsgiving!

I did my best to have my camera away today, as the day is about friends, time, fellowship, and connection, but I couldn’t help but take a couple of Dana and Brooklyn cooking together this morning.


Today was our third annual Friendsgiving. Paul and I went over to Cody and Dana’s this morning to start the food prep, and as the day rolled around to five, we packed up the goodness (Smoked ham, potatoes, corn, dinner rolls, and stuffing – all homemade!) and went over to Erik and Katie’s to meet up with them and Michael and Gayle.

So much wonderful chaos (a toddler and two big pups make for lots of racing around with joyful shrieks), good food, and better company. Full heart, full belly.

And for those of you wondering about the chickens…read on.

They did get to be out for a couple hours before we left this morning, and they were not so sure about the fresh layer of snow on everything.

My girl Penny was not amused.


So much so that after only being out a couple hours, I walked out with their scratch grains, and they all came running when I called and happily put themselves away into their run without a fuss.

So they were out in their run when we left this morning, and we came home to all six girls in the coop, roosted, and fast asleep. IT WORKED YOU GUYS!

This taught me to never doubt an animal’s intelligence. Patience, positive reinforcement,  and repetition are the key.

I was so proud of them.

October 28th

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

The stages of love is a miraculous thing.

You meet someone, and eventually fall in love. You get engaged, plan a wedding, and when the big day comes you think “I couldn’t imagine being more in love with you than I am today.” But then each day, with each new experience, each new hurdle conquered together, every happy dance in the kitchen, heart to heart, losses, big dreams dreamed together, every accomplishment, every laugh, every hurt feeling worked through…a love story is always evolving. I love Paul for the same reasons I did on our wedding, but now for so many more than I couldn’t have ever imagined. We’ve grown together so much, and he is the best friend God could’ve ever blessed me with. He’s stepped up to every occasion to love, support, and cheer me on, and I hope he can say the same of me. (Note: I’m crying big happy tears as I try to type this, so ignore any typos from this point forward).

My big love of animals can be intimidating – especially for someone who didn’t grow up with pets. And I don’t make it easy, I’m not satisfied with just a cat or dog – horses, rabbits, and now chickens – I love obscure, somewhat complex critters. Add in a pumpkin patch and photography business, and I’m always amazed at Paul’s continued ability to say “YES” to me.

So when that little play house popped up on my screen, I sent Paul a screen shot of it, and his simple reply was “Well, does this mean we’re getting chickens?”

Not only that, but within an hour, he did research on what kind of chickens would be best for our climate but still good egg producers, narrowed it down to Rhode Island Reds, and had sent me a few different listings of some for sale. Then yesterday, he spent one of his days off building with me, and today driving over two hours round trip to bring “our girls” home.

And within one week, we went from well, one day that’d be fun to we’re actually doing this!

I’m pretty sure people think “Oh Lord, what are they up to now?”

But as I watched Paul puttering in the garage yesterday, three chickens following him around watching him work, both sides enjoying the company, I thought to myself, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Especially when we pulled three pretty brown eggs from the coop today, on day one.

Just for fun, here’s a couple more pictures of our girls out in the yard, and hanging in the garage.




October 5th

Friday, October 5th, 2018

Happy Friday!

I got to hang out with four-month-old Betsy today, and it was so much fun! Betsy’s mom and dad are lead members of mine and Paul’s small group (Adults without Kids – although the name isn’t so apt anymore 😉 ). Betsy’s usual caretaker during the day was out of town, so Lauren called and asked if I was interested and available.

I said yes, and have been looking forward to it all week!

I don’t have a ton of experience with babies, but Lauren left me great notes, and Betsy made it so easy. Diapers, feeding schedules, nap schedules – I had it down by the end of the day. But again, it helped that Betsy was smiley all day, went down for those naps like a champ, and downed each bottle I fed her.

It was a fun way to end the week!

July 28th

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

Paul and I both had great rides yesterday.

Buck did beautiful walk-lope transitions for me in both directions, and Junior and Paul worked on their long trotting. Both boys were relaxed and just as  happy about the great weather as we were.

Today we were hoping to squeeze in another ride, but we spent the day helping friends install flooring in their new townhome, so we got home too late.

But Paul and Junior got a good snuggle session in after we fed grain, and my heart was a puddle as I watched them.

These two love each other, there’s no doubt about that.

March 23rd

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

I don’t know if it’s possible for me to get enough of these two.

Such sweeties, waiting on me. The inevitable law of waiting that comes with being married to a photographer, right? A simple walk through the woods becomes a birding excursion – taking a few steps, listening, watching…repeat.

So they turned this down tree into a couch, and got comfortable.

My heart could burst!

December 16th

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

It’s hard to believe that this sweet peanut is ONE today!

One year ago Paul and I hopped a plane to Denver waiting to hear if the baby we’d all been waiting for a boy or a girl. I had had a dream that the baby would be a boy, so I was set on thinking I’d be buying blue onesies, but when we landed and got to the hospital – surprise! A beautiful baby girl.

To watch two wonderful friends fall in love, get married, have a baby, and now to celebrate their baby’s first birthday has been such a special treat. The love they all have for one another is paramount, and even throughout many moves and many new homes they remain such a beautiful unit. I’m a little biased, but I’m glad they’ve landed back in Minnesota 🙂

Tonight we belly laughed as we watched Brooklyn’s fascination with her ability to blow (adorable) spit bubbles, awwww’d as she opened a new doll of which she kissed before it was fully out of the bag, and giggled as she carried her new winter mittens around like a fashion statement.

When the cake was set down in front of her, the phones came out as we all thought she’d exuberantly dive in (in cute one year old fashion). But instead,  she methodically grabbed small handfuls and took her time. What will that say about her as she and her personality grows? 🙂

Happy first birthday Brooklyn! We love you!

September 13th

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Two portraits in a row!

While taking a drive around the corn tonight, I couldn’t help but smile. This man. What can I say about him? My protector, my encourager, my strength in my weakness.

I just read this wonderful article about wanting a mediocre life. To be at peace with who I am, to not have to strive for greatness with every breath. To give myself some grace and enjoy the little things. To realize that I don’t have to make 100k to be worth something. That being a wife, sister, daughter, and hopefully someday a mother, can be enough. I don’t have to change history, but I have to be happy.

This man is such a large piece of that. He teaches me daily to slow down, that we aren’t running a race. He makes me laugh when I’m taking life too seriously, and his boundless love reminds me that I am enough. He is such a reflection of Christ’s love, and I am thankful for him and our mediocre life everyday.

September 12th

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Today was like a dream.

If you know me, you know that I grew up around horses. I was the two year old girl at the Minnesota Horse Expo that refused to get off the horseback ride. No fear. I’ve always had a big heart for these big animals. The bigger the better, actually.

So what are the largest horses I could have contact with? Draft horses.

I’ve always been fascinated with them. It’s really unfathomable to understand just how big they are until you see an image like this one (below) that has a human for scale.


I love drafts on their own, but driving teams are my true weakness. So today’s shoot was like a dream come true for me.

As many of you know, along with owning A Borrowed Likeness, I also do a fair amount of assisting on commercial and equine portrait sessions with Shelley of Shelley Paulson Photography. She contacted me last week and asked if I had any interest in assisting a shoot for Ames Percherons, we’d be photographing their six horse hitch.


That shoot was this afternoon. Shelley, also a horse lover, was just as excited as I was. We geeked out the entire drive down, and our excitement was peaked when we arrived.

We arrived early, and Travis was gracious enough to let us photograph them getting horses ready and wander and photograph others horses on their beautiful property. His 9 year old daughter, MaKenna, was a wonderful tour guide and walked us around the farm. At one point we were by a group of new theee year olds, and one was drawn to MaKenna.

The largest of the group at over 18.2 hands (that’s over 6 feet tall at the withers (shoulders) for you keeping me track at home!), he was so gentle with her and she was fearless. Take a good look at the image – his muzzle is the size of her head.

“Gentle Giants” was truly the theme of the shoot, and I was captivated by their grace and beauty.

I didn’t think my heart could grow to hold anymore love for the equine species, but tonight proved me wrong.

Shelley caught this image of me, and I LOVE it! Note: This is the same horse in my image with MaKenna!


August 26th

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

So many new toys in the last week!

My business has been saving hard for a new camera and for a new monitor. It feels so good when you can meet that savings goal and purchase equipment that will move your business forward!

My monitor arrived a few days ago, but I finally got it out of the box and set up today. Just like my new camera body, it is a thing of beauty! The larger screen and better color calibration (although still a work in progress) is making editing a breeze.

On the docket for today? A super fun proposal I photographed yesterday! That’s right – a proposal! The couple hasn’t publicly announced their engagement, so for the time being enjoy her gorgeous ring! The stone came from her grandma’s ring, and he had it placed into a new setting.

As the newly engaged are great friends of mine and Paul’s, it’s a wedding that I am very much looking forward to!

June 20th

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Oh sweet Brooklyn, if only you knew just how much you’re loved.

I stopped to hang out with Dana and Brooklyn this afternoon before they leave to head back home tomorrow. And as Brooklyn was fast asleep after her baptism on Sunday, Dana was hoping to get a couple pictures of her awake in her dress. So the visit was dual-purposed.

Let’s talk about the dress for a moment; a beautiful momento, this dress has been worn by many family members, I believe even spanning a couple of generations. And the blanket Brooklyn is sitting on? Made by Great-Grandma. So much significance – so special!

As many of you know, I’m not normally a portrait photographer. I prefer animals and landscape fill my lens, but to be a part of something so special is something I make an exception for. Also, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to photograph that face?!

I had quite a few favorites from this afternoon, but this interaction between Brooklyn and Dana melts my heart each time I look at it:


These two are one of a kind 😊