September 23rd

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

It was Bryce Canyon day today!

But first, look at what we woke up to! PEACOCKS! We opened out blinds this morning to a flock of at least 15 outside of our window! They were stunning, and let me photograph them. If you’re ever in the Glendale, UT area, make sure to look up Golden Haven Ranch!



Then on our way down Highway 89, we saw countless herds of cattle and horses. This beauty was out by himself, and I made Paul turn around and pull over for me to photograph him.


Anyway, onto Bryce. The high today? 49 – with snow! We were completely ill-prepared, but it was so beautiful to watch the flakes fall around the big red rock in the desert.

As such, we didn’t do much hiking due to us not having a decent jacket, but the views and wildlife was stunning. This Mule Deer doe knew her good side.

Also, check out this guy! My forever adventure sidekick.