January 22nd

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Have you ever played hide and seek with a cat?

If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

KB is the queen of hide and seek, and we played it a lot this morning.

Stephanie and I are tag-teaming kitty sitting this week while Tanner and Christine are in Cancun (lucky ducks), and this morning I packed a bag to hang out over there to get some work done (kitty sitting perk: Wifi!). I intended on hanging out for a few hours, and once I had settled in and essentially ignored her for a bit, her interest was peaked – she decided I wasn’t so bad, even if I wasn’t mom or dad. Giving her her food this morning definitely helped my case. 😉

Then it was like a light switch – she brought me toys, stood on my laptop because I wasn’t giving her enough attention, snuggled, and baited me into those many games of hide and seek.

She won most of the time. I’d have a bead on her and be ready for the victory, and then I’d pounce and she’d be gone – she would already be behind me. I shouldn’t be surprised because she is a cat, but she got me every time.

September 1st

Saturday, September 1st, 2018

I’m kitty sitting this weekend!

Our sweet friends, Tanner and Christine, are on a north shore trip celebrating Christine’s recent completion of her Master’s degree program, so they asked if I could take care of Lily (AKA: Kitty Baby, AKA: KB) for the weekend.

KB is a hoot, so I happily said yes!

Random funny for you: Christine has posted multiple videos of KB to her Instagram stories, and each time I watch them, if KB meows or makes any noise, Colt comes sauntering in from whatever room he’s in, ready to impress the pretty lady he heard. They’ve never met in person, but we jokingly say that KB is Colt’s internet girlfriend.

Anyway, I stopped over this morning to spend some time with her, and we had a mini photo shoot. I honestly had no idea how it would go, because well, cats are cats, but she nailed it! I swear she’s smirking at me in my main photo for today!