June 17th

Sunday, June 17th, 2018

We made it home just before the skies opened up this afternoon.

A half inch of rain in twenty minutes – it was pouring!

As the rain was coming down, I watched this Great Blue Heron hunker down in the field, seemingly totally out of place there. It’s amazing how waterfowl know when to exit the water; geese pull off the lakes, herons walk off the shores, ducks flee to solid ground.

It’s like they sense the severe storms coming in, and understand that the water is dangerous if struck by lightning.

Instinct is an incredible thing.

May 10th

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

I’ve got a thing for the weird looking birds.

Sandhill Cranes, Great Blue Herons. Tall, lanky, large wingspans, long beaks. Maybe it’s because they’re the most human-like of birds? I’m really not sure, but I could watch them all day.

I was heading up to the barn this morning to meet the vet for spring shots, and there were three Herons in the shallow water. Usually, they are very shy birds; I can’t get very close to them without them fleeing by air. However, this guy must be either young or new to the farm, because I brought my vehicle to a full stop, opened my car door, leaned out with my camera, and got ten images before he decided to split.

While ten may not sound like a lot, normally if I’m lucky to even get two I’m excited.

Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to have the wildlife back? I’m always so appreciative that you guys stick it out over slow months when most of my images are personal ones of my animals. I obviously love my animals, but I know it’s different when they aren’t yours, or you have never met them to understand the meaning of me taking them. So, if that’s you , THANK YOU!

Hopefully, this will be the turning point of more outdoor imagery, more centered around nature and wildlife. This is me thinking ahead here, but if nothing else, be sure to stop back the first week of June – I’ll have images you won’t want to miss (HAWAII!).

If you’ve been to Oahu, leave a comment below and let me know a place/experience I have to visit/do while there. We’ll have a car, so we can travel. I’m looking for insider tips!

May 3rd

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Great Blue Herons remind me of old men.

Their colors, beards, the way they move. For that reason, I really love them; They’re endearing.

Did you know that although they are large birds with an average 6 foot wingspan, they only weigh 5-6 pounds on average due to their hollow bones.