March 4th

Monday, March 4th, 2019

I was walking around my house this afternoon looking for something to photograph, desperate for something with color, and I spotted my bouquet.

My wedding bouquet.

I took a moment to look it over, admire it. Then it hit me that at this time five years ago, these beauties were delivered to our front door. FIVE YEARS! And look at how amazing they look! Still exactly like when we first pulled them out of the box.


To this day, behind hiring Shelley to photograph our wedding, these flowers were one of our best choices when it came to wedding planning. I had heard of dried flower bouquets, and since we were getting married in our barn, that fit perfectly with our aesthetic. It was only the icing on the cake that when I looked up purchasing them that they were incredibly affordable (my bouquet was only $35, the bridesmaid bouquets only $20 each, and boutonnieres only $10 each!).

However, five years later, I’d say the most impressive thing is how long they’ve lasted. The colors have dulled a bit since our wedding day, but it has been a decoration in our home ever since that day, and I love that.

February 24th

Sunday, February 24th, 2019

I forgot to mention in previous posts that one of the first things I said after walking outside at the airport was “it smells alive here!”

Theresa may have thought I was a tad crazy, but I could smell the greenery. The air held moisture, so it smelled like things growing.

That became the running joke of the weekend, so to further my excitement about things being alive, Emily suggested that we go walk the arboretum.

Not only were things alive and growing, but trees and flowers were BLOOMING! Skies were blue, birds were singing, bees buzzing, turtles swimming.

It was simply wonderful.

As if things couldn’t get any better, Kya and I were able to sit by the pool this afternoon after our arboretum visit as Emily and Theresa got some of their own things done.

So so wonderful.

January 11th

Friday, January 11th, 2019

What was the first thing you read this morning?


I am normally an optimist, but in this situation with the way her parents perished I had very little hope that she was still alive. I saw her name in the headline, and automatically assumed the worst – but then I saw the word “alive” and instant goosebumps covered my body. I reread and reread the words, but the headline didn’t change.

An actual miracle.

A normal day for everyone else, but one of hope and freedom for a thirteen year old girl.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty darn thankful today. Thankful for my and my family’s safety, health, full bellies, and warm houses. Thankful for the ability to step outside my home today and to come and go as I please. Thankful for the songs I sang today, thankful for each time that I smiled, and thankful for each time someone smiled at me.

October 11th

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

The weather forecast says sun tomorrow.

I may be a bit desperate for the sun. Fall just doesn’t seem like fall without that cozy, warm sunshine.

I was drawn to my Sedum plant this afternoon, as it’s cheery burgundy color definitely brought a smile to my face! Especially because I don’t know that since we’ve lived here we’ve ever seen it in fall bloom – the deer always get to it first.

It was breezy today, and focusing on small objects when they’re moving is difficult. I did my best, and did get some sharp images. Although, when I came in to edit I was drawn to this imperfectly focused image. The movement in it just felt so lovely.

I tossed in a little extra yellow into my white balance for the warmth my eyes are currently hungry for, and I enjoyed the coziness. It almost feels summery, and I’m ok with that.

May 11th

Friday, May 11th, 2018

With spring getting a late start this year, and us heading to Hawaii in a couple of weeks, I’m a little bummed thinking I may miss one of my favorite parts of the year – spring bloom on the farm.

My parents have Flowering Crab trees, Lilac trees, and three other pink kinds that I don’t know the name of, and they all bloom right around the same time and it’s GORGEOUS! They were in bloom exactly one year ago today, and with everything being two weeks behind, that puts it right at Hawaii time. I’m hoping that the warm temperatures and sunshine will help speed everything along; even just by a couple days would be lovely.

However, at least their Hydrangea tree always buds and blooms early, so that I got to photograph today!

The other thing that were out in full force one year ago today? The bees. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen any yet this spring; I’m hoping this winter’s cold temperatures and late snowfall didn’t damage too many of our local colonies.

Time will tell!

May 1st

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Happy May Day!

Its amazing how two weeks ago we were still dealing with the aftermath of 20+ inches of snow, and today I planted in the garden, and started the shift of transplanting my seedlings into containers.

I really do love flowers. I’m not overly knowledgeable about them by any means, but just getting my hands dirty, watching my seeds grow inside, and then watching them flourish in the sun outside is so gratifying. It also brings some spring into our house earlier than it would had we just gone and bought annuals from a greenhouse. Also, when you start vegetables inside (this year we did tomatoes, peppers, and jalapenos), they bring such an earthy, outdoorsy smell inside while they’re growing.

I guess some people may not like that, but I do!

So with the weather forecast looking great for this week (no extremely low temperatures, lots of sun), my Snapdragons were transplanted into some containers outside. They like the cooler temperatures, so they’re happy being outside at night even at 50 degrees. I didn’t have a great amount of luck starting them this year, as they were up at my parents (due to curious, mischievous cats) and I wasn’t super great about watering them everyday, so they’re pretty stringy. This guy was one of my better ones; I’m hoping at least some of them thrive.

If not, I’m going to Schulte’s later this week to get some Calibrachoa for the new flower box Paul built me today, so I’ll just get more to fill in. Evidently hummingbirds like Calibrachoa, so I’m going to give it a try.

Bring on the blooms!

August 24th

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Calling all bug enthusiasts!

While Paul and I were out in the pasture today, we came across these yellow flowers (pretty sure they’re weeds). They had these little black and yellow bugs ALL OVER them – anyone know what they are? They aren’t bees, definitely a kind of bug.

Also, this new camera is slaying it. I’m LOVING it!

June 17th

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

If you haven’t caught on yet, I like bees.

I realize that is a fairly odd statement. Many people prefer to refrain from contact with bees, but quite frankly I admire them.

The phrase “busy bee” doesn’t exist out of coincidence. Each bee spends its short life serving its hive, being a team player. They fly for miles to find pollen and stop at hundreds of flowers on each flight. Each bee in the hive has a job, and that is why a hive can be functional. They trust each other to do their job for the sake of all of their survival.

Quite the community. To study a colony up close, like I was able to last summer, was an education each time we checked in. Hopefully next spring we can introduce more colonies again!