January 29th

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

If you’re in Minnesota, I don’t have to tell you that it’s cold out.

Even if you’re totally unplugged from social media, the news, the newspaper, and other human beings, if you walk outside the air will punch you in the face.

Air temperatures vary throughout the state today, but here at our house it’s been holding steady at about ten below zero with windchills near negative twenty.


The kicker? Tomorrow is supposed to be worse. By double. -24F air temps with -50F wind chills.

So pour yourself a cup of coffee and hide under a blanket all day (like I’m doing – haha!), there’s nothing else for you to do. Especially since most schools are closed and many people are working from home (sorry if you aren’t one of those fortunate souls!).

For our chickens sake I have been so excited that our winter has been so mild, but their hardiness is going to be put to the test over the next couple days. I’ve talked about this in previous blog posts, but we did end up putting a small radiant heater in the coop about a month ago and it has given me such a great piece of mind.

Especially with the forecast this week; we woke up to temperatures outside of -10F, but inside the coop it was 3F. Not overly warm for us, but with the girls being out of the wind it’s enough to take the edge off for them.

We did end up sealing up the back of our coop so the girls can’t go outside, which meant moving their feeder and a small bowl of water into the coop, but it’s been working out so far. If you can believe it, they still gave us FIVE eggs today, so they can’t be doing too bad.

Hang in there, everybody! Take care of your kiddos and critters and be smart. We’ll be seeing a thaw on Saturday if we all make it there. 🙂


March 20th

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Products galore today!

Remember me talking about the cool new canvas hanging product I ordered? This is them! I’m completely in love! I ordered four different ones (this floral one, my Yellowstone Elk, Fourth of July Loon, and Denali Mountainscape), and they all look great. They’ll be up for sale soon, so keep an eye out!

Second, I picked up a bunch of new coffee mugs today as well! I was feeling a little rebellious a couple weeks ago and really pushed for some designs outside of my comfort zone, and I’m pretty excited about them. I took my original images and either added textures or manipulated them into looking more like watercolors; just something different to bring color of a different variety into my work.

Check them out and let me know what you think!

Spotted Deer.jpg

Retro Loon.jpg

Green Moutainscape.jpg

Blue Denali.jpg

Baby Muley.jpg

I haven’t publicly announced these yet, but I’ll let you in on a little secret – they’re on my website!

March 1st

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Hey, Minnesota! Good to see ya!

I had already been up, awake, and functioning for seven hours by the time I got home at 9:30 Central Time this morning. It’s two in the afternoon right now, but feels like it should be six or seven (read: bedtime). But I still have the rest of the day to push through (I will stay awake!).

Guess what?

Coffee helps.

It’s even better in my gorgeous new coffee mug (is it bad marketing to not drink out of my own ABL mugs?! If it is, I’m too tired to care). And I mean, this mug is beautiful. I was determined to NOT buy ANYTHING on the White House gift shop, but this jumped out and grabbed me. In the way I collect jackets, I am a coffee mug girl. I don’t know what it is, but I l-o-v-e them.

Oh, and I realized I didn’t post the obligatory “Looking out the Hotel Window” pic in my previous posts (how do we always stay in hotels with floor to ceiling windows?! It’s awesome!). Here ya are, looking over Georgetown, friends:


December 12th

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017


You guys, I picked these up this morning and I couldn’t be more excited! I haven’t shared them with anyone, not even on social media, so you are getting the first look at them.

15 ounces of goodness, these babies are even dishwasher safe. I currently have these three designs, with my logo and signature on the back. From left to right: Peek-A-Boo Deer, Harmony, and Barred Owl.

$14.99 each while supplies last!

Perfect for last minute Christmas gift for that Minnesota coffee lover in your life! 🙂

Leave me a comment here, or email me (courtney.weinreis@gmail.com) to order yours!