October 30th

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

A certain super cute visitor stopped by with her mama for the afternoon today!

My family is pretty close. My dad has four brothers, and all of us cousins are very similar ages. My cousin, Clayton, is only three days younger than me in fact.

We used to all go camping as a big extended family for two weeks every summer, and it was always my favorite time of the year. My cousins were essentially my siblings, and even as we’ve grown, gone off to college, and gotten married, we’ve stayed close.

Clayton and his wife, Amy, got married just a month or so after Paul and me, and they had their daughter, Bonnie, this March. (The baby shower I helped plan this February was for Amy, if you wanted to look back.)

Anyway, it was an awesome surprise when Amy texted me this morning asking if they could swing over and visit for the afternoon. They both brought lots of light and laughter 🙂


June 18th

Monday, June 18th, 2018

I found myself counting my blessings today.

My friend, Tiffany, and I had plans to take a walk this afternoon. We hadn’t seen each other since before we left for Hawaii, so we had a lot to catch up on. Then this morning, our friend Lauren texted both of us inviting us to come over and hang out with her and sweet two-week-old Betsy Rae.

Neither of us had met Betsy yet, so that was all the invitation we both needed! We changed our plans and spent the afternoon catching up all three of us and passing Betsy around.

At one point, sitting in Lauren’s living room, I started thinking about how that moment came to be.

It started over a year and a half ago with an invitation to join a couples without kids small group through church. I tried to think of every excuse not to go, but God was insistent. Every road block I put up, God broke down.

And I am so so thankful for that.

The growth I’ve experienced through this group is unlike anything I ever could have expected. Paul and I have flourished in our marriage, and I couldn’t even begin to describe how thankful I am for the true friendships cultivated through those Monday night get togethers. What started out as a casual invitation has brought some beautiful, God-loving, genuine, truly awesome people into both mine and Paul’s lives.

Our group was initially supposed to only be a ten week home church, but we enjoyed our group so much, we kept meeting. Now, a year and a half later, our group has slowly started to evolve as time continues on. We’ve become half couples with- and half couples without kids, with Betsy being the newest addition to the clan.

What a special little bundle – it’s so fun to watch friends become parents!



May 9th

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

While today’s image is not great technically-speaking, I saw something today that I have never seen before and wanted to share.

A new Sandhill Crane chick! LOOK AT THE CUTENESS! How is it possible that they start so small? Last spring this pair had a chick, but I didn’t see it until it looked very similar to mom and dad. This little guy was still fuzzy!

They walked up our driveway, then right on the edge of the field and our yard. They then proceeded to take a lap around our house and walk themselves back down the driveway. Definitely a treat to see.