October 16th

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Animals have such healing powers. Especially large animals.

I don’t know why I always seem to forget that.

I assisted Shelley at what has turned into our annual fall photoshoot with Ames Percherons this afternoon, and those gentle giants just never cease to captivate me.

When you simply stand in their presence, it allows your mind to quiet and empty; their demeanor and spirit gently invades your senses, pulling out all anxieties. You smile easier, breathe easier, feel the peace fill your heart.

Maybe it’s because they are true examples of God’s creation. They thunder when they move, literally shake the ground, but it only takes two human hands to bring them all to a stop again. Power and grace. To look at an animal so large, yet so unimposing. To be so close to danger, but feel so safe.

It’s such a spiritual experience, there’s just nothing else like it. You can ask any horse person and they’ll agree – drafts are in a league of their own. Even the UPS guy drove down the road, turned back around, and stopped to watch.

They just draw you in.

Even the deer aren’t alarmed by them. We had just returned to the barn after the team thundered all over that hill the deer are standing on, but the deer act as if they were never there. It’s like they were hanging out in the trees, enjoying the show, and walked out to eat their clover as we left.

I’ve been feeling smothered by my anxiety lately, which isn’t uncommon for this time of year (goodbye long, sunny days), but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier to hit that fall wall. But it’s amazing how God placed this afternoon on my schedule knowing exactly what I needed. My neck pain has subsided, my headache from earlier today is gone, my appetite is back, and I’m ready for tomorrow.

Heeeyo let’s do this!

May 16th

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

You’re getting more than one image today, whether you like it or not.


Want to know why?

#1: Percheron.
#2: Foal.
#3 Put it together for me now: Percheron. Foal.
#4: New lens.
#5: Pretty light.
#6: I’m feeling sassy (HA!)

Just so we’re clear, if you made it all the way to the end of that list, you’re hard to please. “Percheron” on its own is all this girl needs to hear. Then you add in “Foal” and I’m a puddle.

No, but really, how have I not had this lens yet?!?!?!? I’m shaking my finger at all ya’ll who didn’t boot me in the butt sooner.

Did I already say I’m feeling sassy? I’m at my desk talking to myself with my hands I’m so fired up!

It is 10 o’clock…and Shelley did in fact feed me coffee after our shoot…that maaaaaay have something to do with it 😉

Anyway, redirecting. If you follow my blog, you know about my shoots with Shelley and the Ames Percheron Farm. Tonight, Shelley invited me to come with for more of a “fun” mission (but let’s be clear here, all Ames shoots are FUN): Photographing a FOAL! A cute little 6 week old dude with no name yet; jet black with one perfect star on his forehead. Fun fact: When he gets to be his mama’s age, he’ll be the same color she is – hard to believe isn’t it?

Mama was so confident; she was a stunner. I’ll admit that I’m not well-versed on horses and pregnancy, but I thought she looked dang good. I would’ve never guessed she had a foal 6 weeks ago.

Which made me start thinking about their origin and their history. Plow horses, bred to be steady, powerful, and safe around family. Their roots run deep; their history rich. I’ve always loved old black and white photographs of farmers and their horses. I could decorate my house with them, I just find them quietly remarkable. So much so, that I usually find myself editing my photos of drafts into black and whites. If you go back to my state fair images from last year, I did that a lot with my images of drafts walking the streets before crowds arrived. Another fun fact: I actually photographed the Ames that day, and didn’t know it! Shelley hadn’t done any shoots with them at that point.

So tonight while working through these images, although the light was gorgeous, and the colors vibrant, I gave into the urge of BW. My goal was to give it a film-type look, check them out and see if you think I succeeded.


Ok, and one in color, because, well, spring!