March 28th

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Let’s all take a moment and gush over those sweet squishy cheeks!

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I don’t normally photograph people (unless your name is Paul).

But take one look at this face and you know why I just had to.

My experience with newborns is very limited, however, I do know that they like to be warm, have a full tummy, be held, and sleep — so pictures are usually quite a production. A photographer that I interned for in college would always book three hour newborn sessions; she’d hope to photograph the babe for about an hour spread out between diaper changes, feedings, and quick naps (if you were hoping to get any with eyes open).

So math dictates that 1/3 of the booked time was actually spent taking pictures. The other 2/3’s was spent catering to baby’s needs and ensuring baby’s comfort. Not to mention posing them, and then giving them time to settle into that pose and relax and quiet down.

With all that being said, Ben must be made for the camera. The perfect amount of alert and awake, while still content and relaxed, he happily let me photograph him for an hour without breaks.

To say he was a rockstar is an under exaggeration.

An extremely cute rockstar.

Here are a few more from today, but not many because mom and dad still haven’t seen these, so we have to leave some for a surprise later. 🙂


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