March 10th

Sunday, March 10th, 2019

Photographically, there have been some pretty cool situations I’ve found myself in.

Anytime I see our Barred Owl time seems to stand still, coming upon our resident doe standing just off our driveway munching on the thistle, unconcerned of our presence, the time I went over to the neighbors to photograph their blooming apple trees and a skunk was happily rooting around too (skunks are pretty cool, they get a bad rap), the time the turkey was standing on our front porch, and looked in the window at me.

Despite all of those times I felt lucky, like I was in the right place, right time, today blows those out of the water.

Paul and I had watched an otter slide on his belly to the lake earlier this morning, which is a rare sight out here, so we knew he was around, but we expected that to be the last time we would see him.

So, with that expectation, there may have been a lot of excited yelling in our house as I ran for my camera after I looked out our kitchen window to this:



I ran out onto our porch for a better look, and sure enough, here he came.


This otter came up our driveway and all the way up onto our cement pad in front of our garage.

And if that isn’t magical enough, he stopped and looked at me long enough for me to get a good picture of him (main image).

Then just as quickly as he came, he turned to his left (away from me), hopped the snowbank on the side of our house, and slid through our backyard and down through the field onto the lake.

I was dumbstruck.

He was mere feet away from me, at my house. On a snowy Sunday morning.

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