March 5th

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

A few weeks ago, Paul and I cruised through Lifeway looking for a new Bible study.

For how many they have, not many caught our interest, and it was slightly disappointing. Is a couple’s bible study (not devotional) too much to ask for? They actually eliminated their Marriage section all together, and clumped some marriage books in with the Family section – mostly kid based. I get that it’s hard to compete with Amazon (they have signs everywhere that they’ll price match to Amazon), but it was still disappointing.

After scouring the shelves, we decided on one that focused primarily on Genesis 1:1.

I didn’t really think about just how perfect that would be until we started in on it. The story of creation – duh, perfect fit! In my photographical exploration of creation through this blog, it’s been fascinating to learn about it so in depth with this study.

So far, this study has been a really good fit for us. It’s challenging (the questions aren’t easy gimme ones), the way it’s broken down is good for us (10 week session, broken down into five sections, so one study a weekday), and the points the author makes are really thought provoking.

First question: Who wrote Genesis?

If you knew the answer to that, I am impressed! For those who didn’t know (like me and Paul), Moses actually wrote Genesis!

The author really digs into verses throughout the Bible to explore and backup explanations behind how we were created, who else was present at the time of creation (you thought it was just God, didn’t you?), and for what true purpose were we created (Hint: To help further His purpose is not the answer).

This study has kind of turned my views on creation upside down, and has put me even more in awe of my existence.

It makes it even better that I can once again sit in our sunroom with the morning light coming through our window. The sun’s position and strength are changing, and it helps it feel more like spring!

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