February 25th

Monday, February 25th, 2019

Our last day here left me reeling.

Wandering the shops in the historic Heights District, enjoying a thunderstorm, and ending with box seats at opening night of the Houston Rodeo. It was perfect.


We also made macaroons. From scratch. And they actually turned out!! I take no credit – I only made the jam.


Now for the rodeo – it was the strangest rodeo I’d ever been to. No grand entry, the events didn’t happen in the traditional order, and they cruised through everything. The rodeo itself only lasted an hour and a half.

And can we address how ginormous the arena is? In my main photo today, there is a team roping team out in the arena completing their run. It’s hard to even see them. Come barrels, the third barrel for wasn’t even placed half way down the arena.

It’d sure be fun to ride in though!

Once the rodeo ended, then the mutton busting, calf scramble, and concert started. That is what people came for. Two hours worth of post-rodeo events. So weird. Super fun, but weird.

Kya’s favorite artist, Kacey Musgraves, was the performing artist, so we all had a blast. At the end of her concert she climbed on a horse and rode out of the arena. Pretty unique!

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