January 24th

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

This is pretty different from anything I’ve ever posted before, but it’s real life and I technically took the screen shot so in my book it counts.

Plus I didn’t take any other photo today, so you’re stuck with this one. 😉

I currently have about five different external hard drives full of documents and photos that date back through college. It’s a mess trying to find what I’m looking for, so I took the plunge this week and purchased a new hard drive so I can consolidate and organize all of my files.


This was on my screen for three hours today as it transferred files from only 2017 alone! I still have all of 2018 which is just as many, in addition to all of my college projects and Spinners.

It will be completely worth it when it’s all said and done, but it’s trying my patience in the meantime.

The other exciting thing is that with this push for having all of my files in one place, I’m going to also sit down and narrow down new images for my website.  I’ve already wiped my website and I’m starting fresh – so please be patient with me in the interim.

I’m trying something a little radical (at least for me) with my site – I’m eliminating the online storefront and moving everything to Etsy. Their interface is so much more user friendly and honestly is so much more freeing financially to use. It also allows for reviews and a more international platform which allows for more people to find me. I’ll still have a portfolio on my website, but purchasing will happen through Etsy.

So that’s what my next few weeks will look like. Wish me luck!

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