January 22nd

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Have you ever played hide and seek with a cat?

If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

KB is the queen of hide and seek, and we played it a lot this morning.

Stephanie and I are tag-teaming kitty sitting this week while Tanner and Christine are in Cancun (lucky ducks), and this morning I packed a bag to hang out over there to get some work done (kitty sitting perk: Wifi!). I intended on hanging out for a few hours, and once I had settled in and essentially ignored her for a bit, her interest was peaked – she decided I wasn’t so bad, even if I wasn’t mom or dad. Giving her her food this morning definitely helped my case. 😉

Then it was like a light switch – she brought me toys, stood on my laptop because I wasn’t giving her enough attention, snuggled, and baited me into those many games of hide and seek.

She won most of the time. I’d have a bead on her and be ready for the victory, and then I’d pounce and she’d be gone – she would already be behind me. I shouldn’t be surprised because she is a cat, but she got me every time.

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