January 21st

Monday, January 21st, 2019

This January has been a weird one.

Usually I’m all for snow during the winter to play in and cover the dead grass, but this winter has been different. Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve had above normal temperatures to go along with our lack of snow, but I haven’t felt nearly as cooped up this winter (at least thus far). Seeing the grass makes me feel like I could go outside and not freeze my tail off, and that’s kept my spirits high.

It may also be the chickens that bring me joy when the snow is gone. Without the snow, they cruise around our yard all day despite the temperatures. They’ve really settled in here, and I’m glad we have given them a home that they thrive in.

And sometimes you have to find inspiration and motivation in the little things, the simple things. Like chickens, if your name is Courtney.

We didn’t get much snow here today, but enough to watch and enjoy. It came down slowly and peacefully – it was my favorite kind of snowfall.


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