January 18th

Friday, January 18th, 2019

I’ve gotten out of the habit of putting my camera in my car when I leave the house, and I’ve been relying on my phone a lot lately.

I apologize for that, as that’s me simply being lazy, and I’m going to work harder at staying motivated despite the cold weather and no snow.

So stick with me and I’ll bring my A game back.

I get frustrated with myself when I leave my camera at home, especially when I take pictures like this with my phone knowing it could’ve come out so much better with my actual camera. The distortion of my wide angle lens would’ve bubbled out the very center of the image, making Henna’s chest seem bigger, in turn making her look like a canine superhero.  Especially with me shooting this overly dramatic pose from below. 😉

As I’m writing about the distortion of my wide angle lens, I’m thinking of how seasoned photographers can spot different lens distortions, but to the untrained eye it’s not obvious. Maybe one day I’ll do a post with a side by side edited vs unedited to show the difference.

Anyone interested?

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