January 15th

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Paul is home all of this week, and it is such a blessing.

Our next paycheck may be a little lean, but quality time spent together more than makes up for dollars.

We’ve been able to make a list of things we’ve been putting off and that we’d like to accomplish, and it’s felt good to cross things off. On top of all of the organizing and cleaning we’ve knocked out, Paul built another commissioned coffee table over the weekend that we were able to deliver this morning. After seeing his two coffee tables, it sounded like a neighboring office was interested in a bookshelf – onto his next commissioned project!

I’m so darn proud of him.

And not only do I think he’s pretty great, the chickens do too. He was essentially swarmed coming out this afternoon – they’ve got to check out everything he has to make sure he’s not hiding treats. 🙂

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