January 6th

Sunday, January 6th, 2019

Emma had conference obligations today, so Paul and I camped out on the beach.

All. Day. Long.

See that blue sky? This was taken at 9am this morning, and the weather didn’t change all day.

Just about the most perfect day.

Also – I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I did the unthinkable for this trip.

I left my camera at home. On purpose.

I know, I know, it’s complete and udder ludicrous. We were only planning on staying through tomorrow morning (but with the way flight loads look, our plan may be changing), so I told myself I didn’t need to haul it all with me. Which so far has proven to be true – when I have such easy access to my phone and Fuji, I’ve been surviving.

I told myself that plenty of people go on vacation and don’t have a camera other than their phones…right? 😉

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