December 18th

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

This is my calm. My peace. My deep breath.

The beautiful thing about it? I’m not the first generation to feel that way.

Our neighbor’s family was the first to homestead this property, and they feel the same way. This nine acre chunk of woods located smack dab in the middle of Hassan Township has provided for many souls over the years. Some I’m sure actually hunted this land for physical nourishment, while others like me come for the spiritual nourishment.

These trees were here long before me, and some (I hope) will be here long after I’m gone. There are centuries-worth of stories here. Both human and animal alike. So many life cycles; springs, winters, births, and deaths.

Today when walking through the woods, I saw some deer tracks, and it made me wonder if every single square inch of this land has been touched by footprints. Or how many tree branches have been landed on by birds, or made into homes, utilized for protection?

Do any of you ever think like that?

A thought to leave you with: Is there any spot of land that God’s been the only one to touch?

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