December 17th

Monday, December 17th, 2018

Wait, wait, wait – is that bare grass in mid-December?!

YES! Forty degrees three days in a row will do that to a landscape.

The girls are LOVING it. The warm weather, no snow thing is right up their alley. Especially the no snow part, seeing as they evidently have a deep-seeded disdain for the white stuff.

They’re back to making laps around the house, so that means all of the chicken manure stays where I want it – in the yard. It gets them off my front porch which makes this chicken mama one happy camper.

While this image isn’t perfect by any means, the warm evening light made my soul happy today. And the girls’ bodies make little triangles out in the yard when you see them from a distance, so Penny’s pose here makes me smile thinking about that.

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