December 14th

Friday, December 14th, 2018

What a whirlwind of a morning.

If you’re friends of ours, you know that we’ve had some issues over the last year with some water in our basement thanks to some big rains this summer.

So today, gutters went on the house. They were here promptly at 8:30, didn’t waste any time and got right to work.

Now to be honest I underestimated how loud it was going to be – between the hammering, sawing, and portable radio they had with them it sounded like a party out there.

While this may sound irrelevant to my blog, I assure you it’s not.

Anyway, since I had to be home anyway it was the perfect time to be holed up in my office, online at TicketMaster for two hours waiting for Garth Brooks tickets to go on sale.

Now, I had done my homework on this whole thing, and the key was to log on early and take a seat in their “virtual waiting room” before tickets went on sale – that allowed you to get a spot in line just at 10am, getting you ahead of all those logging on at 10. So at 9am when it opened I was in the waiting room.

Definitely a “hurry up and wait” situation.

Once I was in I was in, so from 9-10 I cleaned my office, looked at the clock, updated my blog, looked at the clock, twiddled my thumbs, looked at the clock.

Once ten came around, I was doing finger stretches, hyping myself up, ready for the madness.

My screen refreshed, and I was so ready.

Here we go!

“2,000+ people ahead of you!”

Oh boy. MORE WAITING. It was killing me!

I had no idea how fast it was going to go, so I didn’t want to leave my computer or get busy with something else so I stared out the window.

A half hour later I was still waiting.

I happened to look out the window right when two does came barreling through our western tree line out into the open field. They were booking it – zig zagging every which way, crossing each other’s paths, totally in a panic it seemed.

Then they both stopped and stared at our house.

Then it dawned on me: The noise from the gutter guys!

Obviously confusing for them, as there was a lot of noise but not any large movements for them to gauge where it was coming from.

After getting a good look, they casually wandered on their way.

Luckily, that ate up the remainder of my waiting time, and we did end up getting tickets!

Pretty crazy considering the show sold out in an hour, and 50,000 people were still waiting in line when it closed.

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