November 29th

Thursday, November 29th, 2018

Paul and I learned something fascinating about out chickens today.

They don’t like snow.

Evidently, being a “cold hardy” breed of chicken simply means they tolerate cold well, not snow.

Which really isn’t the end of the world, the have plenty of space in their coop and run, but it was just unexpected.

I opened the coop door today, and they all crowded around the front porch, looked around, turned around and went back in. They did the same thing when I opened the run door.

Penny wanted to make sure I understood just how displeased she was, so she stood on the front porch for a few minutes with one leg up as if to say “make it go away”.

Paul and I Googled it, and evidently that’s the common consensus among chicken owners – that you have to lay down bedding or hay/straw on top of the snow for them to walk on if you want them to venture out of their coop.

They may be out of luck on that.

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