November 20th

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

Today’s image is not an exciting one.

It’s not a creative one, technically correct one, interesting one…it is 100% dull.

So why this image?

Because this is where I spent 5 hours of my day today. Yes, five.

Last year, Paul and I invested in snow tires for my car and they were fabulous. I absolutely loved them. However, with snow tires, that means you have to have them put on and removed from your car at the beginning and end of each winter season.

The place we go to doesn’t take appointments, they run on a first-come, first-served basis. The longest I had ever had to wait was an hour and a half, and so even though I had a dental appointment at 10:15, I figured if I got there at opening (7:30am), two and a half hours gave me plenty of time before I needed to be off.

So off to Corcoran I went to be at our local tire shop at opening this morning. I got there at 7:36, and I was already number 8 in line. And people just were pouring through the doors.

I was dumbfounded.

It got to be 9:30, and my car hadn’t been pulled in, so I went up to the desk to ask on timing as I had somewhere I had to be, and he just handed me my keys. He apologized over and over again, saying this is their busiest week because this is the time of year that’s easiest for people to take time off, and with the threat of snow over the weekend, people are motivated to get it done. But to call him if I was going to bring my car back today.

So I left feeling like I had accomplished absolutely nothing (well because, hey, I didn’t), and did my dental appointment and other errands. I made it home for lunch, and although I didn’t want to go sit again for my tires, I knew it had to be done. So I called over there, and they were very kind. He remembered me and said he’d put my name on the list, but to wait to come in for another hour then I could at least wait part of the time at home.

That’s what I did. I was able to eat my lunch, get a couple other things done, and then head that direction. And then I still sat for two hours even then. Although to be fair, half of that time was my car on the lift being worked on, which is inevitable.

So, this is the only picture I got today. Not everyday can be exciting 😉

Moral of the story is, I learned a lesson in grace and patience today (because they’re a great company with great people moving as fast as they can – also note the cross above the door!), and if you need to put on snow tires, be a better planner than me!

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