October 28th

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

The stages of love is a miraculous thing.

You meet someone, and eventually fall in love. You get engaged, plan a wedding, and when the big day comes you think “I couldn’t imagine being more in love with you than I am today.” But then each day, with each new experience, each new hurdle conquered together, every happy dance in the kitchen, heart to heart, losses, big dreams dreamed together, every accomplishment, every laugh, every hurt feeling worked through…a love story is always evolving. I love Paul for the same reasons I did on our wedding, but now for so many more than I couldn’t have ever imagined. We’ve grown together so much, and he is the best friend God could’ve ever blessed me with. He’s stepped up to every occasion to love, support, and cheer me on, and I hope he can say the same of me. (Note: I’m crying big happy tears as I try to type this, so ignore any typos from this point forward).

My big love of animals can be intimidating – especially for someone who didn’t grow up with pets. And I don’t make it easy, I’m not satisfied with just a cat or dog – horses, rabbits, and now chickens – I love obscure, somewhat complex critters. Add in a pumpkin patch and photography business, and I’m always amazed at Paul’s continued ability to say “YES” to me.

So when that little play house popped up on my screen, I sent Paul a screen shot of it, and his simple reply was “Well, does this mean we’re getting chickens?”

Not only that, but within an hour, he did research on what kind of chickens would be best for our climate but still good egg producers, narrowed it down to Rhode Island Reds, and had sent me a few different listings of some for sale. Then yesterday, he spent one of his days off building with me, and today driving over two hours round trip to bring “our girls” home.

And within one week, we went from well, one day that’d be fun to we’re actually doing this!

I’m pretty sure people think “Oh Lord, what are they up to now?”

But as I watched Paul puttering in the garage yesterday, three chickens following him around watching him work, both sides enjoying the company, I thought to myself, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Especially when we pulled three pretty brown eggs from the coop today, on day one.

Just for fun, here’s a couple more pictures of our girls out in the yard, and hanging in the garage.




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