October 23rd

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

We’re working on something a little different, here at the Whiskey Hotel.

Remember a few months ago when I first mentioned making throw pillows? Well, I wasn’t totally satisfied with the results, so I’m working on a new method.

Gel medium transfers.

Essentially, you take a print, spread on the gel medium, lay the print face down, let dry, remove the paper backing, and you have the image left on the applied surface. I did them in college as one of my main projects for a semester, so it’s bringing back many fond memories of sore fingers from removing the paper backing, haha.

I did complete one yesterday, and it actually worked the way I was hoping it would, so now I’m attempting more on a larger scale. I’m not going to reveal the final product until I have my process down, but I’m hoping that won’t be long.

I’ve missed the physical, handcrafted side of art, so this is filling my creators cup.

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