October 20th

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

I tackled quite a few projects around the farm today.

Mowing, weed whipping, shoveling out the paddocks, cleaning stalls, etc. They’ve all been on my list for awhile, and with the warm weather and finally dry conditions, I was able to get in there and do those things.

The other large item on my list was to brush out Buck’s mane and tail.

This may not seem like a huge task, but to put it simply: it is.

Especially since I haven’t been keeping up on it, so he had a couple major tangles going on. He was starting to dread, so I needed to get in there and catch it before I can’t stop it. With him, I have to use detangler and conditioner – it just makes him more comfortable, and I don’t pull out nearly as much hair. The warm weather today allowed me to be able to do that – hooray!

Poor Bucky has been feeling a little neglected recently with all of the weddings we were a part of and being out of town, and with pumpkins in full swing, we haven’t been spending as much time at the barn as we would like to. Happy to just have his halter on and get out for a bit, he stood perfectly the entire time. So much so in fact that I was able to do his mane, tail, and forelock!

After I was done, the boys went out into the paddocks (so Buck could roll – of course), and when he got up, his hair was flowing in the breeze and he looked magnificent.

My sweet Fabio.

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