September 30th

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

We made it back home this afternoon to a wee bit of chaos.

Good chaos, really good chaos actually, but chaos none the less.

Our pumpkin patch looked like it had been swarmed. Racks were half-empty, pumpkins laying on their sides, small wagons scattered all over the patch. Paul and I both sat in the truck for a moment and took everything in.

Let me add some context to this. Our opening date depends on how the first of October falls. We like to wait until October to open, but this year, it just made sense to open the last weekend of September.

“But you were gone for the weekend,” you may be thinking, “isn’t that risky?”

Usually not. Our opening weekend is usually our slowest weekend. We have a few adventurous families that come out, but our sales really don’t start to pick up until mid-October, usually around MEA time.

We had a bit of an inkling that we may have more business than usual this year because I made an event on Facebook, and had to cancel the promotion I launched through Facebook Advertising because we were reaching too many people. Over 1,500 people said they were attending or interested our opening day, in fact. Last year, our event had a response of 300 people. Spoiler alert: While we had a great growing season, we don’t have enough pumpkins for 1,500 people and their families of four.

We may have been on the verge of panic.

But we talked ourselves down, saying that a lot of people say they’re interested, but end up not following through, it’ll be fine. Not everyone wants to get their pumpkins this early. We’ll be fine.

Well, we were fine, great in fact – we had the largest opening weekend, sales wise, that we have ever had. By at least four times. We’ve already made enough to pay for all of next year’s expenses.


We are completely flabbergasted. And we have had so many people “recommend” our patch through Facebook, boosting interactions on our page. Families have been messaging us pictures, saying they had the best time, thanking us for having our patch, saying they’ll be back and will be telling everyone they know about us. We had a mom do a live video from our patch, and that was SO FUN to watch! It’s been so amazing.

Depending on how the rest of this month goes, we may have to go bigger next year. Which is an amazing feeling; the fact that we can share the season with so many people is so motivating.

So if you’re reading this and you’re thinking you want to come out and get pumpkins – this is your heads up: Do it sooner rather than later. While we still have lots of pumpkins, we only get busier as the month progresses, so it’s very likely we’ll sell out.

On top of all the chaos and joy our patch brought us today, our neighbor’s apple trees are ready, so we were invited to come pick apples! I photographed their blossoms this spring, so it was fun for it to come full circle as we loaded our bag with fresh produce. Bring on the apple crisp and applesauce!

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