September 16th

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

Other than a “quick” break to watch the crazy game this afternoon, Paul and I worked most of the day in the patch today.

While moving pumpkins around, I looked up and saw this incredible cloud. It’s distinct shape made me think of a charging Mammoth, and after catching my attention, made me stop and appreciate the day for a few moments.

I’m tagging along with Paul to work this week, and because of the forecasted rain this week, we wanted to get as much done in the patch while we were both home and while it was still dry as possible.

It’ll be a crazy week; Nashville, Tampa, and Boston overnights right into traveling out of town for wedding #1 this month, but I’m embracing the crazy. Trying to embrace the crazy.

Anyway, here’s to a week’s worth of adventure dates with Paul!

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