September 13th

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

At our house, we’ve come to accept that our cats have favorites.

Finn is my cat, Colt is Paul’s.

The love still flows all ways, but it’s still fairly obvious that there are preferences. When Paul leaves for a trip, Colt gets all mopey while Finn turns on the charm. Finn is my best buddy; it’s almost like he knows Paul is gone, so he steps up for me. He’ll follow me around the house, he’s more vocal, is a major snuggle baby (he’ll nap in my lap!), and slow blinks at me a lot (how a cat conveys contentment and love, so I always slow blink back 🙂 ). He’s still happy when Paul comes home (lots of head bunts and deep purrs), but not like Colt is.

Colt flops and cries and purrs and head bunts and rubs all over him. Paul leans down to pet him, and Colt leeeeans into his hand, closes his eyes…and smiles. No joke.

So while I love them both equally, I have a little soft spot in my heart for Finn. Especially since he isn’t usually a fan of when new people come to visit (cue the flee and hide), so it makes me appreciate his love for us even more.

I was cleaning the house this afternoon, carrying totes downstairs into storage, when I walked past our guest bedroom. The side of the bed closest to the window has always been one of Finn’s favorite napping spots, so much so that we put a special blanket on the bed just for him, but for some reason today it really made me smile.

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