August 30th

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

This was the only photo I took today. The day got away from me, but I can give a little patch update today.

I was out in the pumpkin patch this morning pulling weeds, and I saw this beauty. Not as large as others in the field, but a gorgeous orange color, nearly perfectly shaped, just the right amount of ribbing.

We have so many great pumpkins out in the patch this year. We always do, but this year’s growing season seemed to be just the right amount of rain and sun. Both the plants and the pumpkins are massive; I attempted to walk out across the patch today, and the plants were very dense – they were waist high!

The vines are still healthy and pumpkins are still growing, so it’s hard to see just how many pumpkins are out there (especially when many of them are still green!). I’m looking forward to when the vines start to die back and we can really see what we have out there.


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