August 21st

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Grandma and I were busy today – 27 bars of soap made!

And it was a perfect day to make soap too. Low dew point, lower temps. We were able to open the windows while we experimented this morning.

Grandma and I had talked about my soap making earlier this weekend, and as our conversation drifted to fall-like scents, we started talking about how good those would be as soaps. Pumpkin pie, apple cinnamon, coffee cake, etc.

So to Amazon I went and ordered supplies.

Today, with everyone gone at work, grandma came over to my house and we got to our own kind of work.

Pumpkin spice soap.

Apple cinnamon soap.

Oatmeal apple spice soap.

Lavender clay scrub soap.

Embedded lavender and rose petal soap.

Many different molds, many different textures, many different scents. It was a blast!

The fall scented soaps were especially successful, so I’ll be making more and selling them down with the pumpkins this fall! So if pumpkins weren’t enough of a draw for you to come visit the patch, the soap should be!

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