August 7th

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

We’ve had a lovely fog over our fields every morning this week.

While I really love fog, I know that only means it’s humid out. Going into a two day commercial photo shoot, that isn’t always the most welcome. The temperature today is supposed to hover around eighty, tomorrow around ninety, so hopefully it will be manageable.

So because I had photo shoots both in the morning and evening today, I was going to try and get my photo in this morning, so that no matter what the day brought, I had one done already.

Looking out my window, I started with this:


And then I pulled my lens back, and caught a small movement in my yard out the window in front of me…THE BUN!

He was posing just right with a dandelion hanging out the side of his mouth – I melted.

So not only is he coming back to visit, but he’s now eating the dandelions and clover out of my yard.

He can come back anytime!

On a side note, I realized this morning that the only time I see him is when it’s drizzling/misting, or foggy and low overcast. Do you know what that tells me?

He’s smart.

Both of those conditions means that birds of prey (Hawks, Eagles, etc.) most likely will not be flying overhead, allowing for him to come out into the open with a certain level of safety.

He casually cruised my yard for over a half hour, completely exposed. I sat on the couch drinking my coffee, watching the news, while he bopped around the yard, eating all of my weeds.

That, my friends, is what you call a win-win.

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