July 21st

Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Naturally, with a bachelorette party comes some rowdiness.

I can confidently say that I contributed to that (bwahaha!).

One of the main games I organized for Kya was called “Drop Your Panties,” where each guest brings a piece of lingerie, bra, panty, etc for the bride to be. The catch is that everyone brings it wrapped, but unmarked, so Kya has to guess who gave her what.

It’s hilarious, quite frankly.

So I did what I do best. I got her the most ridiculous panty I could possibly find.

In my Etsy browsing while looking for party decorations, prizes, etc., I found a shop that takes a picture of the groom and puts it on underwear.

Freaking hilarious.

So I messaged Tim asking for a winking or goofy selfie of himself for a “Top Secret Project” for Kya, and he sent me the most ridiculous picture of him in a photo booth wearing an astronaut outfit.

I went with it because that totally added to the hilarity.

I told her all weekend that Tim helped me with her gift and she was super intrigued; when we finally played the game and she opened her gift, it only took one guess for her to tag who gave her that (after she was done wiping her eyes from laugh-crying so hard).


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