June 29th

Friday, June 29th, 2018

My family did something today that they have never done before.

Actually, strike that, they did two things they’ve never done before:
1. Henna came to the cabin, and
2. She slept INSIDE the cabin.

Farm dog turned indoor cabin dog all in the span of 6 hours.

We all loved it, especially Henna.

With the crazy heat today (Heat indices of 110 degrees), we couldn’t not bring her. We were all a little concerned about how much she would bark, or that the activity of boats, people, and other dogs would have her too riled up, but she actually did so great with it. So much so in fact that it actually wore her out mentally.

For anyone who has (or ever has had) a VERY, smart active puppy, that is hard to do, and is a true God send.

She was perfectly content to be in her harness, on a leash all weekend. She happily laid in the yard and monitored all of the jet ski’s drive by. However, she was pretty perplexed by the skiers and wake boarders (they are ON TOP of the water!), and when they were out, her eyes were constantly scanning the water.

That’s what’s happening in today’s picture.

Being the sweet, loyal, brave, control freak pup she is, she was very concerned for the people in the water. She’d whine and whine, concerned for them, but unable to help them. So to cope, she’d keep at least one paw fimrly on Emma, so she couldn’t leave. She had to at least keep one of her humans safe!

We all had a good laugh at her expense, but it’s only because she’s got a sweet heart.


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