June 10th

Sunday, June 10th, 2018

You know it’s summer time when the hay equipment comes out.

It’s between that and when the hundreds of barn swallows hatch their babies. But really, over thirty nests under this overhang alone. We’ve had a crazy amount of them around this year.

Anyway, it’s hay season! Even with the questionable weather tomorrow, the haybine went out today. Hopefully we don’t get as much rain as they’re saying we may get. After tomorrow, the weather looks great – sunshine with low dew points, so if we can get through tomorrow we’ll be golden.

Dad cut most of the field yesterday, but Paul finished the inside rounds. Here, Paul and Dad are switching places.

On an unrelated note, my phone died on Friday, so I finally upgraded (iPhone 5s to 8), and the camera clarity is awesome! Both this image and the image from Joyful Noise were taken on my phone.

Sometimes it’s the little things 🙂

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