June 2nd

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

Well, today did not go as planned.

We were supposed to be on a plane home this afternoon.

Obviously, that didn’t happen.

Fewer than five seats available on most flights, standby lists over 15 people long, us being at the bottom of that list….you do the math.

Not only for today, but tomorrow, and the next day. Paul has to work on Monday, so we ran out of options.

So we did something we’ve never done before: We bought ourselves tickets home. Well, we bought ourselves tickets to LAX, then we’ll non-rev from there to MSP. We’re going to at least get ourselves to the mainland, and we can handle it from there.

So for today, we enjoyed the beach. Allllllll day. Waikiki beach from 9am-4pm. Lots of sun, sand, and saltwater. For a day we didn’t plan on being here, it was perfect.

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