June 1st

Friday, June 1st, 2018

We got out of the city and into the jungle today.

And it was awesome.

When I say “awesome”, I truly mean it. Awe-inspiring, leaving me awestruck. Totally in awe of God’s creation.

Have you seen Jurassic Park? We went to one of the locations they filmed at. If you thought they just had an elaborate, handmade set, that’s not the case. It’s real, and it’s amazing.

We were told by a couple that we met last night at the luau that they had just done this hike and that it was the highlight of their trip, and highly recommended it. So naturally, we just had to do it.

Only a fifteen minute drive from our condo in downtown, we drove into this residential area, parked on the street, and walked up the drive to the start of the trail. It was so unassuming, you would’ve never known it was there.

Our big motivation was that it ended in a 150 foot waterfall, but that ended up being just the icing on the cake. The entire hike was unbelievable.

If you’ve caught on, I haven’t been able to pick just one image to share each day, but today that is especially true.

Cascading flowers, trees that have no foliage but twist and knot and weave throughout itself, plants with leaves as big as my torso, trees taller than buildings.

I said out loud to the foliage at one point: “God, you make cool things! Thank you!”

And it rained on us as we climbed higher into the mountains, which made the experience even more authentic. I felt like dinosaurs were going to walk right out into the path in front of us.

And then there was the waterfall.


Enjoy some images from our hike. I had Paul stand in a lot to give a sense of scale. I mean, just look at that leaf right behind Paul on the ground in the first one of him.



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