May 22nd

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Crisis averted.

Remember how I said our closets exploded in our living room, as we’re trying to get everything packed?

Well, I had left my brand new, all time favorite swimsuit out on the table next to our couch overnight two nights ago. This swimsuit is a one piece, with two long ties that would come up and tie together behind my neck. Well, yesterday evening, I noticed that one of our cats had chewed through one of the ties. All the way through it. Right above where it connects to the main part of the suit, meaning it can no longer reach up to tie behind my neck. This left me with one stubby tie and one long one.

I was devastated.

To calm myself down, I thought if I could find the longer piece, I could at least try and do a patch job and sew it back together. Well, friends, I did find it this morning.

In the cat’s litter box.

Which prompted more tears all over again. I had found this suit at Nordstrom’s Rack, and it was the only one there. It wasn’t like I could just go and buy another one.

So I tabled it, and left the house for a walk with Tiffany. After unloading my frustration on her, Tiffany, being the amazing human she is, practically suggested that if the long tie is long enough, that maybe I could find a hook system, and have it reach all the way around my neck to fasten on the suit by the stubby tie.

It was a brilliant suggestion, and while I doubted my sewing skills, I was willing to try anything at that point.

Luckily, I had an old swimsuit that had the exact hook I wanted to use, and I was able to repurpose the hook onto my new suit.



So the suit is currently at the very bottom of my suitcase, hiding from any curious kitty that may have any questionable motives.

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