April 15th

Sunday, April 15th, 2018

I am in awe of this volume of snow that is outside right now.

Eleven inches on the ground right now, and more to continue falling today. Keep in mind that on Friday morning, we didn’t have any snow in our yard. All of what you see fell in the last 48 hours.

For the first time in our church’s history they cancelled services for this morning. Not that we would’ve been able to make it out of our driveway to attend.

We don’t have a snow blower, so Paul went out to shovel; he only made it this far until he quit. When it’s heavy, knee-deep snow, it’s not even possible to clear it all by hand. We are fine being snowed in until dad is able to come with the tractor.

We did walk down to our mailbox though. Which maybe doesn’t sound like that large of a feat, but our driveway is over 1/3 mile long. It definitely got our heart rate up tromping through deep snow back up the hill to our house.

I’ve been cheating a lot lately by sharing more than one image on my blogs, but this one is sweet and deserves a share:


Paul was cooking bacon for his BLT, and Finn was extremely interested in what was smelling so darn good.

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